Why should SMEs invest in web hosting?

To remain competitive, SME business owners must embrace technology and digitalisation. A website is an integral part of this because it allows your business to reach a new pool of potential customers via the internet. Web hosting is the starting point for a successful online presence, but it can significantly impact budgets and growth for many small business owners. Therefore, it is critical to find the right hosting partner and package.

Get your business online quickly

Before choosing a web hosting package, it’s critical to understand your resource requirements. For example, a dedicated server is the best option if you anticipate a high volume of incoming traffic requiring a large amount of storage space. Read more about dedicated hosting.

Small to medium-sized businesses typically use a shared hosting service that includes email accounts, traffic limits, and storage space. Even though resources like processing power, memory, and bandwidth are shared on a single server, shared web hosting is completely secure. You can learn more about shared hosting here.

An eCommerce site can be less expensive than a physical store

Many small businesses run their websites from home because the rental costs of brick-and-mortar premises are simply too high in the beginning. Instead, your company’s website serves as a storefront for customers to do business with you. Using a specialised web hosting company like Hosting24 provides you with all the resources, expertise, and support you require included in your plan.

Support and security

Security comes first when it comes to online activity. A secure socket layer or SSL certificate is a new security standard that uses strong encryption to protect data. eCommerce sites must have a valid SSL certificate to ensure all transactions are secure. Protecting their data is critical if your website generally receives a high volume of visitors, especially considering the EU’s GDPR legislation and South Africa’s POPI Act. Nobody will share sensitive information like their credit card details on an insecure website, which will hurt the bottom line of your online business. SSL certificates are, however, available from some web hosting companies, including Hosting24.

Contact Hosting 24 for web hosting advice

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