Pros and cons of dedicated hosting

When you need to decide on the website hosting option that is right for your business and budget, you are likely to compare shared and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting paying for the exclusive use of a web server, as opposed to shared hosting, where your website will be one of several hosted on a single server.

Advantages of dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting offers you increased control and performance if your site receives high volumes of traffic. Generally, consumers expect a webpage to load within seconds. Not having to compete for server resources means your site’s performance won’t be negatively impacted by an influx of visitors. Better site speeds also improve the search performance of your site.

As your site is the only one using your server in dedicated hosting, you may reduce some security risks. You can implement stronger security measures to ensure your site less susceptible to attack. 

With dedicated hosting you have more control in general. If you want to add new applications and programs you have the flexibility to do so on the back end, and don’t need to worry about the hosting server’s restrictions.

Disadvantages of dedicated hosting

The biggest drawback of dedicated hosting is the cost. As a single server is completely devoted to your website, the operating costs will be higher. For larger companies that need to be in control of performance and security, this is not necessarily a factor for considerations.

These companies also staff people with the necessary tech skills or outsource it to a business partner to take care of any issues that may arise on the back end. If you don’t feel confident in your skills and can’t afford to outsource that, dedicated hosting may not be the right choice for you.

With dedicated hosting, you’ll be responsible for managing the server and performing routine maintenance and administrative tasks to ensure the server’s optimal functioning. Having the right skills also tie in to the heightened security element of dedicated hosting. Lacking the necessary skills could potentially compromise your website’s safety.

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If budget is of little concern in relation to the benefits of stable performance in spite of a high traffic volume and the having better control over maintenance and security, dedicated hosting is a good choice. For more information about dedicated hosting, get in touch with Hosting24 today.

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