Things You Should Always Expect from Your Hosting Service Provider

Things You Should Always Expect from Your Hosting Service Provider

If you are on the lookout for a web hosting solution in Johannesburg you have likely, by now, been inundated with an array of choices.

They’ll offer varying services. Some might have an interface where you can manage your hosting package, their prices will vary and you will be allocated differing resources; but all of them should be able to make a certain set of promises to you. If they cannot offer you the following guarantees, your website could end up suffering in the long-run.

99% Uptime

Uptime, that is the period for which the hosting service is active, is probably the single most important metric for measuring the quality of a hosting service, then comes speed and cost.

When a hosting server goes down, so too does your website, which can have a serious effect on your business. Because of this, a good hosting provider should be able to guarantee you 99% uptime. While 100% would be ideal in a perfect world, there will be times when the service needs to go down for things like maintenance.

Regular Maintenance

Which brings me to my next point. Your hosting provider should be able to offer regular maintenance that comes as part and parcel with the package.

Preventative maintenance is needed to ensure that your server runs efficiently, is allocated the resources it needs, and will also minimise the possibility of downtime.

Restorative maintenances to server infrastructure and the hosting service might also be necessary at some point, so make sure they offer that too.

Communication All the Time

Transparency is key to a good hosting service, which means that your provider needs to be in contact with you whenever it is required. Be sure to find a hosting service that keeps you in the loop, whether it be about the resources you use, your uptime or any scheduled downtime which may affect your service.

Data Protection

The risk to personal data and information in this digital age is high, and as such you need to know that your hosting provider has structures in place to keep yours protected while it is being hosted on their service.

This may include user information, financial details, online media and a whole host of other, digital items. Your hosting provider needs to ensure that this information will neither be lost nor accessed by those who should never see it.

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