The Importance of a Website for Your Business

The Importance of a Website for Your Business

In February 2018, ‘We Are Social’ and ‘Hootsuite’ reported that 60% of the total population of South Africa has access to the internet and other technology. We live in an age where information is literally at our fingertips, where it is no longer ‘good’ to have a website, but entirely necessary for any business to be successful.

Showcase Your Business

A website is a kind of digital showroom for your business, without a salesman having to be there and do the convincing. Consumers gather necessary information at their own pace and get to determine their level of interest – which in hindsight, is great because they are there by choice. ‘Own choice’ means there is a genuine interest in your services or products and that interest has the capacity to grow.

Trust and Professionalism

Consumers are more likely to trust a business that has a website as it’s a transparent and easy way to demonstrate the principles and values held by your company, the types of services and/or products you supply, the level of professionalism you hold to as well as any testimonials or reviews by previous/existing customers.

Cost-Effective and Cost-Controlled Marketing

Having a website means you are marketing your business with the kind of impact that is far-reaching at a set cost that does not keep draining your budget. Your only annual costs would be renewing your domain and hosting subscriptions or if you decide to boost your marketing campaigns. Essentially, you’ll be in control of your costs and how much of your budget is dedicated to online marketing.

How Do I Start a Website?

You can’t do it alone, so you will need to find a web hosting company that will be able to provide a platform for supporting your website and associated emails with hosting packages tailored to your specific needs. They will also assist you with finding and registering a domain name. For more information, contact Hosting 24 or visit their website.

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