Should you consider a one-page website?

If your website’s primary purpose is to share information about your company and one or two items or services, creating a one-page website might be the ideal solution.

One-page websites are ideal for your website’s visitors since they:

  • Load quickly.
  • Don’t need to navigate between pages to find what they’re searching for. Instead, they only need to scroll down.
  • Make mobile browsing simpler with no little menu and back buttons to struggle with.

One-page websites also have benefits for you, including:

  • Being quick and simple to build. There’s no need to worry about site structure, URL optimisation for each page, or establishing metadata for several pages.
  • Being more convenient to manage and update than several pages.
  • Being easy to establish a successful sales funnel on the page rather than hoping visitors would click through to the next level.

If you want to get your site up and running quickly, a one-page website is probably the quickest way to go. Because creating a single-page site is so quick, you can always create one, see how you and your customers enjoy it, and then convert it to a multipage site later if that structure works better for your business.

In addition, single-page sites make it easy to target an exact audience and provide them with a specific user experience. If you don’t have to worry about people clicking on multiple pages, potentially in the wrong order, it’s easy to control their behaviour on your site and lead them in a certain way.

A one-page site allows you to offer all the information you want people to see on one page, in any sequence you wish to fit the demands of your business. In terms of SEO, this is significant if you are targeting a single keyword.

You should keep in mind, though, that because users must scroll through everything to locate what they’re searching for, they might easily be turned off if confronted with material they don’t find helpful. So ensure that everything you publish on your website has a function and that you’ve given it some consideration as to where it should go.

Another great benefit of single-page websites is that they tend to have higher page authority. Links are one of the most critical aspects in determining how well a website ranks and the advantage of a one-page website is that every link collected will direct to the main URL, ensuring a 1:1 ratio of links to pages.

The content on a one-page website

Even though a one-page site is simple, you must include the key information your customers require to know they’re in the right place, find what they’re looking for, and act, whether that action is calling you, purchasing your product, scheduling an appointment, or something else.

Every one-page website must include the following eight elements:

  1. Your company’s or business’s name
  2. Your products or services
  3. An about section that introduces who you are and how you can assist clients.
  4. Contact information – list the methods you use the most, such as your phone, WhatsApp, or email.
  5. Customer feedback or testimonials that can be showcased by embedding a third-party review site to boost your company’s reputation.
  6. A call to action to guide customers to phone, text, or make a purchase.
  7. Social media buttons for the platforms you regularly update.
  8. Exceptional images. You’ll need at least one image with your logo for the site header. It can also showcase your goods or highlight the services you offer.

Other nice-to-haves for your one-page website include:

  • Images of your products to give clients a sense of it before purchasing.
  • A shopping cart to make it easy for your clients to purchase what you’re offering.
  • Navigation links or buttons in the middle and bottom of the site to allow visitors to quickly jump to the top or another part without having to scroll endlessly. This is particularly useful if your single-page website is very long.

eCommerce one-page websites

If you have something to offer but don’t require a heavy-duty eCommerce theme built for hundreds or thousands of SKUs, a one-page site structure allows clients to focus on your goods while also saving you time when it comes to getting your product online.

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