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Hosting 24 offers a range of specialised website hosting services that offer dynamic and scalable solutions for businesses of all types. Whether you’re a large or small business, we offer a host of options that meet your specific requirements, whether that be with a solution that ensures consistent up-time on high-traffic websites, or an adaptable shared hosting approach for growing brands.

Your website needs to be hosted and doing it all on your own can sometimes be quite difficult. While you attempt to manage your day-to-day business tasks, you now have to manage your hosting. Let our team at Hosting 24 assist you with our highly developed skillset, to ensure hosting is done right.


Hosting 24 offers an abundance of hosting options for our clients, with solutions designed to meet their specific needs and budgets. These services are delivered with a focus on your business, even with shared hosting, ensuring consistent and reliable up-time, and exceptional site or server performance.


We offer comprehensive shared hosting packages that simplify hosting for growing businesses, or those with minimal requirements for supporting website traffic on their servers.

Through our shared hosting packages, your website will share resources with other websites and businesses, which is perfect for sites that require fewer resources than others. While shared, these packages ensure that you still receive individual attention, have scalable options, and a secure, private server.


Dedicated hosting puts your business in charge of its own resources by exclusively allocating a server to you, and you alone. This is ideal for websites and servers with high demands due to plenty of traffic, or for servers that need to host large collections of media, thusly requiring more resources.


We offer comprehensive domain registration services that let’s you pick and use the best top level domain for your business. Whether you want a, .com, or .org domain, we can assist you with acquiring the right one for your site.


Show your users that your site is secure to surf by registering an SSL certificate through Hosting 24 today. SSL certification is fast becoming the standard of secure websites, and even plays a huge part in how easily your customers can find your website.

Have us register your SSL certification today.


If you would like to know more about our offers and services, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Hosting 24 today, or feel free to take a look at our available hosting packages for details.

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