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Hosting Services

Whether you are a large or small business, you are faced with a variety of options that comes with hosting services. Your website needs to be hosted and doing it all on your own can sometimes be quite difficult. While you attempt to manage your day to day business tasks, you now have to manage your hosting.

This is where Hosting 24 comes in. We are your solution to website hosting. Our service is of the highest quality, with an abundance of choice and the right people to tell you exactly what you need.

We work with you, as we provide more CPU, RAM, and disk space.

We are a committed company that focuses on enhancing your online hosting and server optimisation. Our goal has always been to focus on a single business, what they provide, and what they need. This is how we can give each client precisely what they require.

One of the most common choices is shared hosting. It is a cost-effective solution to hosting and favours smaller businesses. The way it works is that it uses one server to host an array of different server files from different corporations.

Now you may be wondering if this means your information is shared with other businesses. The hosting service simply uses a server to host several clients. Security is of utmost importance and your information will be kept private, and will not be shared with any business we host.

If you want more power, optimisation, and control, you can choose the dedicated hosting service. Now, it is advised that you select this hosting only if you have a larger business. The reason for this is that larger businesses have more traffic on their website. It makes more sense to have a dedicated server.

If you are a smaller business with less website traffic, there is no reason to have such a hosting service. You will be using more of your budget than is necessary.

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