Is Hosting Only Used for Websites?

Is Hosting Only Used for Websites?

Hosting services are most commonly used for websites, which is why people naturally associate the two with each other. The truth is that there are many more reasons why a person or business would opt in for a hosting package, and their reason for doing so will depend greatly on their own needs, capabilities and goals. To explore the deeper world of hosting, let’s take a quick look at some of the other ways that people are putting the technology and service to use.

Online Game Dedicated Servers

Online video-games are becoming a huge thing all over the world. As audience interest in battling their friends over an online network grows, game developers and communications businesses are slicing off a piece of the pie.

An online server that can be accessed and played on from anywhere in the world works fairly similarly to a website in that they use similar an infrastructure to host players; a web hosting server.

Cloud Storage

Having an online space to store and backup digital files has become an important consideration for both businesses and individuals. While there are a number of services out there such as Google Drive and Dropbox, they offer limited capacity, customisation and security. Because of this, hosting services are often used to create online file-storage services that can be easily secured and tailored to the needs of those using them.

Create a Collaborative Network

Many places of work have taken to using online hosting services to create a collaborative interface for their employees. It creates an environment where employees can communicate projects to each other and work together even when they are not in close proximity. These services generally also allow users to store files which can be accessed across the network, by anyone who has been authorised to do so.

Contact Hosting 24 for Details

These are but a few of the additional uses for web hosting services, and there are many more depending on the imagination of those applying them. To find out more about our offers on specialised hosting solutions in Johannesburg, be sure to contact a representative from Hosting 24 today, or visit our website for details.

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